Sherwood 4 Kids Sake

Sherwood 4 Kids Sake

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  • Sherwood, OR 97140
  •   971-371-0141
  • Holiday Gift Program

    There are many toy drives during the holiday season but Sherwood 4 Kids Sake has a unique mission. The primary mission of the S4KS Holiday Gift Drive is to distribute basic need items to children from low-income families referred to us by Sherwood School staff. Our goal is to help the children succeed in school by providing appropriate clothes, jackets and shoes they can wear in January to help them feel more comfortable and confident in the classroom. Of course each child will also receive fun toys & games they “want”! 100% of contributions are distributed to Sherwood children each year.

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    Mission Statement

    Sherwood 4 Kids Sake will coordinate the solicitation and distribution of donations and specific services to children and teens in low-income families in Sherwood, Oregon. This will include continuing the tradition of providing Holiday gifts for families in our community. This registered not-for-profit, all volunteer organization, may identify other needs, such as school supplies and emergency clothing, to provide for local youth.

    2021 COVID-19 Impact Statement

    As we continue to deal with the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our community, the safety and well-being of our volunteers and the families we serve is our highest priority. This year we will again be distributing gift cards to Sherwood families in need, to be used to purchase gifts for their children. We will also use cash donations to purchase essential items for children and teens in our community.

    We are unable to accept donations of clothing, toys, & games this holiday season. It saddens us greatly that we can’t do it this year, but we are still committed to the children in low-income families in our community.

    Don’t let the kids down! It’s been a hard year for all of us, help us brighten the holidays for our local kids. Let them know we care! Donate now to support our 2021 Holiday Gift Program!

    Santa Claus Created by Freepik

    Santa Claus Created by Freepik

    S4KS Supports Local Businesses & Families

    S4KS will purchase gift cards from kid & teen friendly businesses that do not sell alcohol, tobacco, or fire arms. We are proud of our local businesses and will support them by keeping donations in our community by purchasing gift cards from Mudpuddles, Cupcake Couture, Powell’s, Live Laugh Love Art, etc. We will use donations to purchase Sherwood and School Spirit Gear from Adams Screenprint!

    How can you help?

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    Don’t let the kids down! It’s been a hard year for all of us, help us brighten the holidays for our local kids. Let them know we care!

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    For many years volunteers in Sherwood, Oregon provided Christmas gifts and other important services to local children through "Helping Hands Food Bank" at Sherwood United Methodist Church. In 2012 a new not-for-profit organization known as "Sherwood 4 Kids Sake" was created to meet the needs of the growing low-income population in our community. S4KS focuses on providing basic clothing needs and the Annual Holiday Gift Drive for children, allowing Help Hands to focus their resources on providing emergency food for needy families.